p2pAmps Hybrid - KT66

This is a custom, hand wired amplifier.  What sets this apart from the rest is the KT66 equipped power tubes and the addition of the Very large transformers.  This setup comes with 2x10" Celestion Gold speakers for optimum tone and performance, however 12" speakers are available.  Nothing but top shelf parts are used in p2pAmps builds, they are made to last and perform.

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p2pAmps Vacuum Tube Reverb

The famous 1960s vacuum tube reverb with it's genuine sweet and awesome tone.  Controls include Dwell, mix, and Tone.  Big fat note reverb and classic surf-sounds can easily be achieved with the p2pAmps vacuum tube reverb.

Handwired turret board construction made to last the test of time and assure high quality tone for years to come...

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Metered 3PN1010 Staco Variac

These are reconditioned Staco 3PN1010 Variacs that we do custom meters and tweaks on.  We sell a lot of these units to players that want to protect their investment from high voltages that damage transformer and wear out tubes, not to mention tone changes too.

The 140vAC is removed as this unit is meant for protection of your valuable amplifiers.

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Other projects and repairs are priced on a one by one basis as we are a full custom shop.  Our customers all have different needs and wants.  Please use the contacts page as we would love to discuss your amp needs...

p2pAmps is not associated with Fender Musical Instruments.

p2pAmps Tremendous Reverb Amp

This is a custom, handwired PR Style Amplifier but miles apart from a traditional amp of this style.  What sets this apart from the original is we use turret board construction and larger output transformer.  These changes along with other p2p tweaks make this a very strong and toneful amplifier that is easy to grab and go.  This setup comes with 1x12 Warehouse G12/CS speaker for optimum tone and performance.  Nothing but top shelf parts are used in p2pAmps builds, they are made to last and perform.

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